Our Basic Soap bases don't contain titanium dioxide. This means they are transparent.

If you would like to make them white, you will need to add a whitening agent. The easiest method is to add titianium dioxide.

I like to add around four teaspoons of titanium dioxide (approx. 8g) per kg of soap base, but you can add more or less to suit your application. It's best (but not completely necessary) to disperse it in isopropyl alcohol first to avoid lumps of titanium dioxide in your final product. If you don't use it, you may have white speckles on the bottom of your soap.

First melt your soap, then add the titanium dioxide followed by other additives.

Also note that any colours you now add will be pastel. It's the same as painting.

The following pictures show the result of 8g/kg in our Basic Shea base.

Have fun!